The Rising Demand For Plastic Surgery Among Millennials

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The world is seeing a shift. More millennials are turning towards plastic surgery with increasing demand. This trend is not confined to big cities like New York or Los Angeles. Even in places like
Oakbrook Terrace, IL advanced injector services are seeing a spike in appointments. This rising demand prompts an interesting discussion about our changing views on self-improvement and beauty. Let’s delve deeper into this trend and understand its implications.

The Data Behind the Trend

Recent data supports this upward trend. According to a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there was a 17% increase in plastic surgery procedures among millennials in the last five years. This percentage is expected to rise further.

2015 7%
2016 8%
2017 12%
2018 15%
2019 17%

Reasons Behind the Shift

There are several reasons for this rise. The first is a shift in societal attitudes towards plastic surgery. It is no longer seen as a taboo. The second reason is the advent and popularity of social media platforms. These platforms make it easy to share and compare images, leading to increased self-awareness and desire for improvement. The third reason is the increased safety and affordability of these procedures. Today’s technology makes procedures safer, and financing options make them more accessible.

Implications of the Trend

This trend has several implications. It highlights the growing acceptance of plastic surgery in society. It also reveals a generation that values self-improvement and is not afraid to pursue it. On the flip side, it raises questions about the pressure of physical perfection imposed by social media.


Understanding this trend helps us keep pace with changing societal norms and values. It also allows the medical community to better cater to this rising demand. In the end, the aim is to support a healthier, confident society that is comfortable in its skin.

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